Biography of Konstantin Simonov

Konstantin Mikhailovich Simonov is a famous Soviet writer, public figure, military correspondent, laureate of Lenin and Stalin prizes, Hero of Socialist Labor.

Early years

Born on November 15, 1915 in Petrograd. But the first years of his life Simonov lived in Saratov, Ryazan. Parents were named Kirill, but then changed his name and took a pseudonym – Konstantin Simonov. He was brought up by his stepfather, who was a military specialist and taught at military schools.


If we consider a short biography of Simonov, it is important to note that after the end of seven years of school, the writer was trained in the specialty of a turner. Then in the life of Konstantin Simonov in 1931 there was a move to Moscow, after which he worked at the plant until 1935.

Around the same time, Simonov’s first poems were written, and his works were published for the first time in 1936.

After receiving higher education at the Literary Institute

named after Gorky and graduating from postgraduate studies, he recovered to the front in Mongolia.

Creativity and military career

In 1940, Simonov’s first play “The Story of a Love” was written, and in 1941 – the second one – “A Guy from Our City”.

Konstantin Simonov studied at the courses of military correspondents, then, with the beginning of the war, wrote for the newspapers “Battle Flag”, “Red Star”.

For all his life Konstantin Mikhailovich Simonov received several military ranks, the highest of which was the rank of colonel, awarded to the writer after the war.

One of Simonov’s famous military works was: “Wait for me”, “War”, “Russian people”. After the war, the biography of Konstantin Simonov was followed by a period of business trips: he traveled to the United States, Japan, China, and lived in Tashkent for two years. He worked as the editor-in-chief of the Literary Gazette, the magazine Novy Mir, and was a member of the Writers’ Union. Many of Simonov’s films were made films.

Death and heritage

The writer died on August 28, 1979 in Moscow, and his ashes were scattered, according to the will, over the Buinichsky field. His name is given to the streets in Moscow and Mogilev, Volgograd, Kazan, Krivoy Rog and the Krasnodar Territory. Also in his honor the library in Moscow is named, memorial plaques are installed in Ryazan and Moscow, a motor ship and an asteroid are named after him.

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Biography of Konstantin Simonov