Biography of Gregor Mendel

Gregor Johann Mendel is a biologist, botanist who discovered the laws of heredity.

Born Johann Mendel July 20, 1882 in a small village Heinzendorf of the Austrian Empire in a family of peasants. Mendel showed an enthusiasm for biology in his biography early. Two years he attended the Institute Olmyutsa, then became a monk at the Augustinian Monastery of St. Thomas.

Then from 1844 to 1848 he studied at the Theological Institute in Brunn. But Mendel received deep knowledge in many fields through self-education. He taught for a short time, after which he went to study at the University of Vienna. It was there that Gregor Mendel devoted much time in his biography to the study of hybrid descendants of plants. For many years he experimented on peas, and as a result formulated the laws of inheritance.

His writings were published, but did not interest the well-known botanists of the time. Then in the biography of George Mendel, several more experiments were put, but the result was unsuccessful. So Mendel left his biological experiments, became the abbot of the monastery.

The mechanism of inheritance, discovered through the biography of Grigory Mendel, interested scientists only in the early 20th century.

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Biography of Gregor Mendel