Biography of Cyril

Biography of Cyril

Patriarch Cyril – Patriarch of Moscow, Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Metropolitan Kirill was born in Leningrad on November 20, 1946. The father of Metropolitan Kirill Gundyaev was a mechanic, who later became a priest, Mikhail Vasilyevich Gundyaev. In the family of Metropolitan Kirill was another son – Nikolai, who taught at the Theological Academy of St. Petersburg, and later became the abbot of the Transfiguration Cathedral.

Education in the biography of Metropolitan Kirill was first obtained at the Theological Seminary of Leningrad, where he entered in 1965. Then the life of Metropolitan Kirill was followed by admission to the Theological Academy.

The name of Cyril in the biography of the patriarch was obtained during his tonsure in monasticism

on April 3, 1969. After graduating from the Theological Academy, he remained to teach. In 1971 he became an archimandrite. In 1974 he headed the Theological Academy and Seminary.

In 1977, in the biography of Patriarch Kirill, the archbishop’s rank was adopted. Since 1983, the speeches of Metropolitan Kirill had the opportunity to observe graduate students of the Moscow Theological Academy, where he passed on to teach. And the following year, after becoming Archbishop of Smolensk and Vyazemsky, he left teaching in Leningrad. In 1989, in the biography of Metropolitan Kirill Smolensky, Kaliningrad was added to the title.

In 1989, Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad joined the Holy Synod as a permanent member. And the following year he headed the Synod Committee for the Revival of Education. Officially, the rank of Metropolitan was conferred on Cyril on February 25, 1995. Also in the biography of Metropolitan Kirill of Kaliningrad, powers were enlarged in the Holy Synod: he became a member of the biblical, then theological commission, headed the working group on elaborating the concept of the ROC. When Kirill was the chairman of the working group, the social concept of the ROC was developed, which was adopted in 2000.

The spiritual and educational television program “The Word of the Shepherd”

Metropolitan Kirill has been on air since 1994. The sermons of Metropolitan Kirill are aimed at understanding the spectators of moral principles.

When Patriarch Alexy II died, Metropolitan Kirill was elected Patriarchal Locum Tenens. January 27, 2009 Locum Tenens Metropolitan Kirill was elected Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. The speech of Metropolitan Kirill in the Grand Kremlin Palace before the President was aimed at formulating a vision of relations between the state and the church. Due to the restrictions imposed by the saint, Metropolitan Kirill is not to be married. However, before the adoption of monasticism, like any man, he could have a family.

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Biography of Cyril