Biography of Lennox Lewis

Lennox Lewis – British-Canadian boxer, was born in London, England. Lewis’ parents were from Jamaica. The childhood of Lennox Lewis was heavy. Following his mother, he moved to Canada at the age of 12.

Having occupied boxing, he became world champion at the age of 17 years. And in 1984, 1988, the athlete represented Canada at the Olympic Games. In 1988, Lewis received gold in the heavyweight category, coming to the ring against Riddick Bowe.

Moving to England, the athlete began to engage in professional boxing. In 1993, Lewis was awarded the title of champion by the version of the World Boxing Council. The title to Lennox was transferred from Bowe. In 1994, Lewis lost his title, but three years later, again regained the title of champion. In November 1999, in a duel against Evander Holyfield Lewis won, as well as the title of champion in the WBC heavyweight title. A few months before this fight, Lewis and Holyfield had a fight in a draw.

In April 2001, Lennox lost the fight to Hasim Rahman. But in November of the same year I regained the title of champion in the re-battles with Rahman. In 2002 he had a successful fight with Mike Tyson. Lewis knocked out Tyson in the 8th round. So, Lennox Lewis retained the world title before his retirement in 2004.

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Biography of Lennox Lewis