What is the “history of the Middle Ages”?

Italian scientists back in the XV century. introduced the term “Middle Ages” or “Middle Ages”. They considered the Middle Ages a difficult page in European history, its “dark era.” Like, then, the high achievements of the Greco-Roman civilization were lost – people became uncultured, cruel, destroyed each other in numerous wars, and in their political life there was chaos. Later, scientists abandoned such a simplified understanding of the essence of the Middle Ages. They took into account the obvious fact that the Middle Ages brought a lot of useful things to humanity.

Until now, the Middle Ages have been assessed differently by different scientists. Some still see the “dark era” of the European past in the Middle Ages. Many of the troubles of our time – wars, reprisals against dissidents, negligent attitude to nature, etc. – they consider a medieval heritage. Well, it is easier and more convenient to take everything

back on the past than to seek out the reasons for the appearance of negative phenomena in society. Others, on the contrary, notice in the Middle Ages only the bright side: “chivalrous” attitude towards women, respect for human dignity, honor rules, etc. In such divergences of views, the very nature of man is displayed. After all, people have always looked at the world with different eyes: for example, for some, piracy is a robbery, and for others – romance that is fanned by the sea winds.

So what really brought the Middle Ages to humanity: good or evil? Both. It was woven from disagreements. It combined human nobility, high cultural values ​​- on the one hand, and the hardness of man, ignorance, religious fanaticism – on the other. In addition, there are “dark pages” in the history of later societies. Is there not a lot of bloody wars, other serious crimes knows our recent past? Therefore, we will not be too strict towards the Middle Ages, which is able not only to frown, but also to smile.

Religious fanaticism is a blind devotion to one’s faith, associated with extreme intolerance of any other beliefs.

Politicians are people who are engaged in public administration.

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What is the “history of the Middle Ages”?