What city would I like to build?

When I was a child, I often imagined that I lived in a city where all the houses were built of chocolate bars, fences were made from biscuits, and instead of water in the river, lemonade. In my city there was no need to go to kindergarten and go to bed early. On TV, they showed only cartoons. I “inhabited” this place with fairy-tale characters. It was my ideal city. If I was sad or scared, I “went” there.

I grew up, and soon this city disappeared. And so I sometimes wanted to dream, forget about problems, do not think about the bad! The lemonade river, in which the caramel fish are splashing, did not interest me anymore. And I began to think about the new city. What will it be like? What is the main thing in it? Buildings, squares, avenues? No, probably people. And the city will be built around them and for them. I’ll build a city slowly, according to the brick, in which all the residents will feel good.

The morning of an ordinary urban person

begins with the fact that he hurries to work or study and is often late for a simple reason – overcrowded trolleybuses and buses pass by without stopping. In my city, transport works without interruptions even during rush hours. In stores – always low prices, fresh food and lack of queues. In my city there is no impassable mud, asphalt is laid where it is needed. In the evening, all the lights on the streets light up and there are no broken lamps in the entrances of houses. On the walls of buildings do not hang the sign “Beware, tile collapse!”, Because the tile does not collapse anywhere.

In the city I built there is much more good: people are seldom ill, there are almost no accidents. But the most important is the good mood of the residents who do not step on their feet in a crowded transport that runs through clean and bright streets, they are not afraid to enter an unfamiliar porch and the tiles from the walls of houses do not fall on their heads.

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What city would I like to build?