All works are good, choose to taste. Quality manager

All works are good, choose to taste. Quality manager

Why did I choose the profession of a quality manager as a vital reference point? For several reasons.

First, I like the content of the work of the quality manager. I would gladly fulfill my duties: I visited all departments of production, analyzed the production process, worked out proposals for changes in production, evaluated the quality of the finished product, prepared reports and publications, cooperated with representatives of the International Organization of Standards and so on. By the way, it seems to me that this is the most important thing in any work – when she likes it.

Secondly, to work as a quality manager is to work for the benefit of people, because
its main task is to achieve the maximum perfection of the product, to guarantee its recognition by world standards. Many firms use only those products, the quality of which is guaranteed by the International Organization of Standards. That would be in our country, all businesses would require their suppliers of this quality! In the US, for example, Germany’s largest industrial giant Siemens was forced to shut down its production due to the fact that it did not receive in due time certificates of compliance with international standards for its products.

Thirdly, working as a quality manager is not only honorable and prestigious, but also profitable. And also this work is a good step to advance on a career ladder up to management of the company. However, in order to become a really good quality manager, it is necessary to get a university technological or engineering education, and at least a five-year work experience is required.

But the difficulties do not frighten me. I chose my own way of life. Now it is necessary to learn and develop the necessary qualities of a personality!

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All works are good, choose to taste. Quality manager