Biography of Pete Rose

Pete Rose is a baseball player, born April 14, 1941 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Most known as an athlete, who was forbidden to engage in baseball because of his passion for gambling.

Pete Rose is one of the greatest professional players in the history of baseball. But along with this, the biography of Pete Rose is very controversial. The athlete began playing for the “Cincinnati Rads” in 1963, where he quickly earned the nickname “Charlie Hustle” for his work and endless enthusiasm.

Throughout his 24-year career, Rose scored many high scores: an average betting level of 0.303, a hit count of 4.256, and three appearances in the annual US baseball championship. The high-end game guaranteed Rose a place in the hall of fame, but in 1989 he was accused of making bets on baseball. Although the athlete denied this fact, the charges were proven. Then he was forbidden to play baseball until the end of his life. However, in 2004, in his book “My Prison Without Bars”, Rose noted that he was betting on baseball.

Additional information: In 1963, the athlete was awarded the National League title of the National League. In 1975, he was named the most valuable player of the annual US championship. Rose played for the “Cincinnati Rads”, also for “Philadelphia”, “Montreal Expo.” Throughout his career, he played in five positions: second base, right field, left field, third and first base. Pitcher Yankees Wity Ford gave Pete the nickname “Charlie Hustle”. In 1985-88, Rose ran the “Reds”. And as good as playing.

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Biography of Pete Rose