2. The time of year is spring

Spring came. There will be no more low-hanging clouds and snowfalls. In the clear blue sky, a bright sun is shining. The days became noticeably longer. In the mornings there is still a little frost, but the higher the sun rises, the warmer it becomes and the snow melts faster. In the daytime the spring sun warms more and more, streams flow everywhere. Spring ringing drops and brooks are the first messengers of spring and the approaching heat. And with him comes joy and a new life.

With the advent of spring, the whole world is filled with music. It comes to replace the winter silence and the howling of the wind. The ringing of drips, the murmur of streams, the cheerful chirping of birds – everything speaks of the onset of warmth and joyful changes. Snow is getting smaller every day. It disappears under the warm sunlight. The smell of spring appears in the air.

All people are happy in the spring. They are already tired of snow and cold, I want sun and heat. Now you can remove heavy winter clothes, without fear of frost and blizzard. But especially the spring happy children. How fun they play under the warm sunlight, run through puddles and let the boats go! Here, then there is a merry children’s laughter.

With the onset of spring, the whole world becomes bright and colorful. The white silence is over. Now everything in the world will turn bright green, sky-blue and shining. The first leaves appear on the trees, the first grass breaks through, and the blue sky reflects in the river. This is real spring!

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2. The time of year is spring