The triumph of life

The triumph of life

Man is not created to be defeated. A person can be destroyed, but he can not be defeated.

E. Hemingway. The Old Man and the Sea

Time is the strictest judge and the most difficult test of the true value of what the writer created for his life. E. Hemingway honorably withstood this test of time, his books still excite us and make us worry, think about the problems mentioned in his work.

For me, E. Hemingway’s novel “The Old Man and the Sea” became unforgettable. This book is not only about the old Cuban fisherman Santiago, whom the writer simply calls an old man, and not even about the duel of an old man with a large fish, which he still defeated, but could not save. This is a book about a “man who does not give up,” his persistent pursuit of the goal, the interconnection of everything in the world, the triumph of life.

For eighty-four days in a row, Santiago went to sea unsuccessfully-he could not catch a single fish. The parents of the boy who helped the old man said that the old man was unlucky and told the boy to fish in another boat. But the old man did not lose heart, he did not admit his defeat: “He had never lost hope or faith in the future, but now they were fastened into his heart, as if a fresh wind blew from the sea.”

When the old man once again went to sea, he hooked a huge swordfish. Strong and unwilling to give up, she carries the fisherman’s boat far into the sea. Three days and

three nights the confrontation between the old man and the big fish lasts, and during this time the wonderful, kind, pure soul of the fisherman, his understanding of the deep mechanisms that drive the world, his organic merging with nature, is revealed.

In the old man Santiago surprisingly harmoniously combine humility and pride, come to him with age, with life experience. But this humility is not a weak person, because it did not bring with it “no shame, no loss of human dignity,” and his pride is not the pride of an oath. Feeling his freedom and independence, Santiago at the same time understands that he is part of nature. Fish caught on its hook, for the old man is not just a victim or prey, it is an equal opponent, causing respect and admiration. The old man constantly talks to her, referring as a friend, then as an enemy, because a huge marlin dragged the boat too far into the sea. The old man’s strength is exhausted, food and water run out, his hands are cut with fishing line, but he is not going to give up, because he does not know how to back down: “Fish,” he called quietly, “I will not part with you,

Endlessly tired, with a hand, a convulsive cramp, the old man does not despair, does not feel irritation or anger, which would be perfectly understandable in his position. But the whole point is that Santiago lives in a world where there is harmony of the eternal cycle of nature, where every creature acts in accordance with the laws of nature, with its purpose. A person wants to kill a fish in order to survive, the fish seeks to defeat a person, and even sharks occupy their place in this world. The old man understands this, and the wisdom of life allows him to live in harmony with himself, maintaining calm and goodwill. He is proud of the strength, power and beauty of his fish, but realizes that only one of them will survive: “Fish, I love and respect you very much, but I’ll kill you before the evening comes.”

The old man managed to overcome the fish, but he did not manage to take her to the shore, because they were attacked by sharks. The old man fought off toothy predators, but they managed to eat almost all the fish tied to the boat. Calmly and with dignity Santiago accepts the collapse of his hopes: “Who won you, old man?” “No one,” he replied, “I just went too far into the sea,” and this calmness is passed on to us, because the fisherman is all he also won in a duel because he does not feel exhausted, because he is not alone – he has a boyfriend.

How I would like to learn from the hero of Hemingway’s story in any situation to maintain agreement with himself and an endless faith in victory! And I’m sure this book is a wonderful teacher.

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The triumph of life