The problem of bribery

The problem of bribery

Of course, I agree with the author’s position and believe that bribery is a public vice, which must be fought and which affects the lives of not only the bribe taker himself, but also the people surrounding him.

To substantiate my point of view, I would like to turn to the work of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol “Dead Souls.” As the author shows, Chichikov’s whole life is an attempt to get a place where bribes could be freely received. Therefore, the main character of the poem, no matter what, wanted to get a “bread” place. The writer ironically calls Chichikov’s actions “Russian ingenuity”, for the truly inexhaustible was the fiction of the protagonist, trying to get benefits from any business.

The apparent disinterestedness of the official, his “nobility”, the refusal of bribes – it still hit the visitor harder: things did not get done faster. Wherever our hero (in the commission on the capital structure, at the customs) served, the main purpose of his work was to “take, where everyone would take.” NV Gogol shows that Chichikov is not the only representatively huge army of bribe takers in Russia. And although the author describes everything comically, it becomes clear how immoral and destructive the society in which the Chichikovs thrive.

Another product of NV Gogol, which deals with the problem of bribery and embezzlement, is the comedy “The Inspector General”.

From the very beginning of the play we understand that the life of the city is based on money relations. It’s amazing that bribes are so legalized that they are classified in different ways: some take a bribe not with money, but with greyhound puppies! Communication of residents with an imaginary auditor confirms once again that mutually beneficial “commodity-money” relations reign in the city. Officials do not consider communication with Khlestakov held, if you can not leave him at least some amount.

It is no accident that NV Gogol does not give a name to the city, describes it as a city of N. Thus the writer emphasizes that bribery is the norm not only in a particular place, but throughout Russia. Reading the work, you understand that the desire to buy yourself a quiet life only undermines the morality of society, deprives him of real life values. Text. and the works of NV Gogol show how the city, society can become, if in the first place there will be bribery, embezzlement.

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The problem of bribery