The composition “Twilight”

The composition “Twilight”

It seems to us that twilight comes almost imperceptibly. Only recently did the birds sing, the insects hummed and the bright, affectionate sun shone. And suddenly it starts to sit down quietly, and the twilight comes.

Twilight is the line between evening and night. Or, to be precise, between the bright time of day and the dark. I think that rarely any of the people watching the twilight come. Only scientists to calculate the exact light day, or artists to capture the beauty of the evening, well, or writers, in order to make a lyrical digression in their novels about how beautiful and romantic this time of the day is. Well, I, a simple student, will try to just watch how the day turns into night.

It is impossible to determine the exact time when it begins to grow dark. It is also impossible to know the exact minute of dawn. This is a very fine line, which only a scientist can understand. That’s kind of shining the sun, first bright, then a little fading. But it’s not twilight yet. When the sun begins to go over the edge of the earth, and there is less light, that’s when the twilight comes. People in the apartments include lights, lights and store signs start to light up, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish people, animals, trees. And then only silhouettes are visible at all, and even you can mix up a tree and a pole, for example.

In the twilight has its own charm. It’s not night, but it’s not day. The outlines of the trees become completely different, clouds are more clearly visible in the sky, rather than during the day. You can even consider that the cloud is shaped like a horse, for example, or a fish. This I only noticed when the twilight comes.

When it starts to get dark, birds are no longer visible, they do not fly over the city. But in the summer, especially in the countryside, at this time of day, frogs begin to croak in the pond. It turns out that animals can feel that night comes.

In general, it seems to me that any time of day is beautiful, including twilight. It’s very interesting to watch how they come. Like a minute ago it was light, and now it’s getting dark. Probably, this moment of the evening I will never catch. It remains only to enjoy the beauty and silence of the twilight city.

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The composition “Twilight”