Seasons composition

Seasons composition

The alternation of seasons is well described by the work on the theme “The Seasons”, emphasizing the expressive signs of successive springs and summers, autumn and winter. The processes of birth, growth and ripening of fruits, flowing into a peaceful winter rest, are the seasons, the composition of which is presented to the attention of the reader.

Seasons for a whole eternity are changing in the rhythm, hovering in the universe, the planet Earth. Their alternation is always strictly consistent and unchanged. It is difficult to say which of the seasons is more important, because each of them is very important for the environment.

Spring awakens all life, gives new life and rapid growth to the world of plants. The warming, spring sun with its life-giving rays pierces every secluded corner of nature and draws on the light of God the sprouts from the grains warmed by its caress. Swollen buds shoot fresh greens and flowers of future fruit. Fields and meadows are covered with emerald carpets of winter and juicy grasses. Spring bouquets smell fragrant leaving May.

The summer sun picks up the baton, actively helping all growing on the ground. Pours fruit ripeness. Warms rivers, seas and lakes to continue in them a new, born life. Pleases people with rest and fills with health for the whole year.

Golden autumn is a generous hostess who brings us a ripe harvest, filling the pantry with tasty and useful gifts of nature. Pleases the eye with a charming palette of colors, lighting the nature of the native land with red-yellow tongues of flame.

The withered magnificence of autumn landscapes hides under my immense, downy-air feather beds Mother Winter. She carefully pokes all the mink and sliver on the tired fields, pulls the shaggy fur caps on the sprawling branches of trees, and puts on fluffy mittens on the graceful fingers of thin twigs. Nature peacefully falls asleep, resting and accumulating strength for the next revival.

So the seasons, smoothly passing into each other, protect the eternal harmony of life on earth.

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Seasons composition