How I learned to ride a bicycle

How I learned to ride a bicycle

I have long wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle, but I did not have one, and the familiar guys, if they offered me a ride, then for a little while. But in fact, in order to learn how to play dashing pedals and bounce off the hill with a breeze, you need time.

This summer I rested in the village of Mashevo in the Chernihiv region. The main transport in Mashevo is a bicycle. For work, on a pond, on a visit to numerous relatives all go on a bicycle. Turn the pedals here are able to all residents – from small to large. It’s funny to see a kid who barely gets to the pedals, but with the steering is controlled like an adult. And grandmothers and grandfathers of the village – cyclists with experience, they can give odds even young.

When in the village they learned that a metal two-wheeled beast was not yet tamed by me, there were a lot of people willing to help me in his training. An old bicycle was found in grandfather’s in a barn, and a suitable straight road – just beyond the village.

Oh, and I filled the bumps at first! The bicycle was bouncing on level ground, the rudder tried to escape from the hands, and the pedals wanted to live their own lives. But my friends helped me well in the taming of the obstinate. They took out a bicycle from thickets of thorns, and me – from a puddle, where an iron horse dropped its rider, put on a chain that was falling in the most unexpected places, pumped up the wheels that let down the air at one approach. But every day the bike became more obedient in management.

With pride I remember the evening, when I managed to drive through the whole village and never fall. For me it was a real holiday!

When I returned from the village home, it was my birthday, and my parents gave me a beautiful new bicycle. Now I teach the skill of bicycling my younger brother Pavlik, and he is already making great strides in mastering this difficult matter.

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How I learned to ride a bicycle