Biography of Viktor Budarin

Budarin Viktor Konstantinovich is a banker who has received many awards, both at the regional and federal levels, the owner and chairman of the supervisory board of the Kuban Credit bank. Surname and biography of Budarin are known to everyone in the Kuban. A businessman who has invested his labor and resources in various branch enterprises of the Kuban, a philanthropist and a person who is able to help people selflessly. Sociable and open; severe with those who do not like to work, and does not keep words; in different life situations comes in fairness.

Adolescence and youth: the formation of character

Victor Budarin was born in the Crimean region of the Krasnodar Territory. Nothing particularly outstanding either in childhood or in adolescence with Viktor Budarin did not happen. He grew up in the Kuban, in a normal and ordinary family, by Soviet standards, where everyone was accustomed to work from dawn till late at night. Probably, then there was a habit of not counting

labor as punishment, and without it even bored on vacation and be ready to plunge into the usual work environment any minute. Ordinary school, where he studied as a majority. Maybe they had their own characteristics, but time has erased the memory of them.
At the age of sixteen, most young people are attracted to distant lands and independent life. So Viktor Budarin went to the Far East, to the city-port of Magadan, to the shore of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, where his sister called. I wanted to make my money, like a lot of smart boys, at once and a lot. Work began with the profession of a docker in the port. For several years I have mastered several other professions. Hard work and harsh climate of the north were a good life school, polished and formed his character definitively, adding steadfastness and maturity.

Young years and the beginning of work

I entered, studied and successfully graduated from the Magadan Polytechnic College, where I acquired a specialty that is always useful to a man: maintenance and repair of cars. Then years of the army. He served in Khabarovsk.

In 1978, after

graduating from the service in the Soviet Army, he returned to Magadan, worked as a bulldozer mechanic in a sea trading port, and then as a foreman. Worked aggressively, with initiative. He quickly moved forward and became the foreman of the heavy equipment sector and special equipment in the headquarter of “Severovostokstroy”. Work troublesome, with people, and not in a warm office, but in workplaces where one had to solve urgent tasks every day, quickly to solve difficult production tasks. During these years, Budarin received his first managerial experience and learned the necessary lessons.

In 1985 he returned to the Kuban, was invited to the post of the head of the shop of the VAZ station for car repairs, where he was found years of perestroika.

November 1, 1990 – the time of birth of his first company “Kuban Brand”.

A year later, like many entrepreneurs at that time, went to study business overseas. He attended a six-month course of business management lectures at the local university of Anchorage. In parallel with studies I went to businesses, construction sites and banks, I took over the experience.

There, a decision was made to create a bank of its own, in the hands of which all the financial levers of his future business will be concentrated. In parallel with doing business, he studied at the All-Russian Correspondence Financial and Economic Institute, which successfully graduated in 2001 with a degree in finance and credit.

Bank “Kuban Credit”: mature years

In 1993, Viktor Konstantinovich Budarin created a commercial bank Kuban Credit. He has been head of the bank ever since, for twenty-three years he brought him to the top hundred of the best banks in Russia. The bank directs the main investments in the real sector of the economy of the south of the Russian Federation. The strategic direction is investing in people. Individual approach, attentive attitude to everyone who comes to the bank with a business proposal. Repeatedly helped enterprises that were on the verge of bankruptcy, raising them from the ruins, because Viktor Budarin believed people who needed help. And I was not mistaken. Now he looks at the results of his work with satisfaction – at the Kuban confectionery, which was once in utter decay, at the house-building factories, at the housing market, where he began to work at a loss – at prices below market prices.

His bank lends to agricultural enterprises. Investment programs include industrial production and engineering. The Bank steadily ranks 11th in terms of lending to small and medium-sized businesses and the fifteenth – in the all-Russian rating by the size of the loan portfolio for the first half of this year.


A lot of good deeds on the account of Viktor Konstantinovich Budarin. The construction of an Orthodox gymnasium in the city of Murom. Assistance on an ongoing basis to the Novouleshkovskaya boarding school. Victor Budarin financed the preparation for the holiday of the 700th anniversary of the birth of St. Sergius of Radonezh the Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra. The 100th anniversary of the St. Catherine’s Cathedral – 12 million rubles, restoration of the St. Catherine’s Cathedral – 7 million rubles. Sponsored racing competitions “Formula 1”, the construction of the school pool in Korenovsk. When building in Krymsk housing after the flood, built on their money instead of one-bedroom apartments – two-bedroom apartments.

Positions and awards

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the bulk-block house building factory of CJSC OBD

Member of the Council of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia, Member of the Council of the Association of Russian Banks.

2004 – was awarded with the Honorary Diploma of the International Society of Recognition “For professionalism and high level of management”.

2005 – winner of the Gold Medal for the best regional business project.

2007 is the winner of the annual public competition for the title “The Best Banker of Russia”. 2008 – holder of the Silver Badge of the Association of Regional Banks “Russia”

2008 – on behalf of the Head of Administration of the Krasnodar Territory was awarded the medal “For Outstanding Contribution to the Development of the Kuban”.

2011 – awarded the highest award of Krasnodar Region, medal “Hero of Labor of the Kuban”.

2012 – the Order of Merit for the Development of Banking in Russia.

2016 – by the Decree of the President of Russia in September, he was awarded the Medal of the Order “For Services to the Fatherland” of the second degree.

A family

He is married. His wife is Kandiner Elena Georgievna. With his wife not only at home, but also at work. A close-knit family: Budarin can refuse admission on a high metropolitan level simply because his wife can not be around. Four children.


Active entrepreneurship.

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Biography of Viktor Budarin