“View from the window” composition

Early in the morning, when it’s still dark, I like running to the window and admiring the view from it. A small street path, lit by street lights, can be seen a little fluffy, fresh snow lying on bare branches of trees and earth. Opposite me there are other houses, they also wake up people and meet a new day. I like to watch people who are not too lazy to get up even before me and now walk their pets, despite the day of the week and the cold, red-nosed weather.

In the daytime one can see from the window, a lot of new and interesting: trees in a snow coat, in the frosty air, snowflakes fall reflectively.
From a distance I can see my ice slide, when it’s not such a cold weather I like to go out to call my friends to ride with them, let loose bright crackers and play snowballs. The street is quiet, only occasionally the noise of cars. In front of me is a whole little world.

When the sun goes away, then the stars come to heaven. They are like lights of a garland that has entangled a dark sky. It’s already evening, all the people are resting at home, nobody comes out to the street, only the dogs run along the snowy paths.

At night, the streets are so quiet, snowless, no rustle. Only the lights are on, the path is shining. I see the stars and the moon I like to count them before bed. I love when the dark night sky full moon

If you have some free time, maybe you should just look out the window? I’m sure you will see a lot of new and interesting! It’s beautiful when you see such a landscape “

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“View from the window” composition