Subtropical forests and shrubs cover the natural zones of hard-leaved evergreen forests and shrubs in southern Europe and variable-moist forests in the east of Asia.

Unlike the continents of tropical latitudes, North America has a much more dismembered coastline. There are many islands, peninsulas, bays and straits. Near the northern

The state borders of the countries of Eurasia have been constantly changing throughout the history of mankind. In Europe, the ancient civilizations of Greece, the

1. How has Russia’s ability to trade with other countries changed during the reign of Peter I? Before the era of Peter I, Russia’s sphere

The settlement of Australia began about 40 thousand years ago by people from Southeast Asia. The indigenous population of Australia belongs to the Australoid branch

The amount of solar radiation decreases from the equator to the poles, and the air masses are formed depending on the geographical latitude. Therefore, each

1. What is a relief? What are the reasons for its diversity? To answer the second question, it is necessary to imagine how the relief

1. Identify the distinctive features of the geographical location of the European part of Russia. Give it an assessment. Show on the map the main

Because of the considerable length from north to south, North America is located in all climatic zones of the northern hemisphere, except equatorial. In the