Natural protected areas are land or sea areas on which the entire natural complex or its individual components are preserved in their natural state. In

1. What determines the salinity of ocean waters? The world ocean – the main part of the hydrosphere – is a continuous water shell of

1. Using maps of the atlas, give a comparative physico-geographical description of the Black and Azov Seas. In the atlas for the 9th grade there

1. What is the law of natural zoning in the territory of Eurasia? This geographical law in the territory of Eurasia is most clearly manifested

1. On the map, determine in which climatic zones are tropical deserts and semi-deserts. To complete this task, you will need maps of natural zones

The vegetation and fauna of Antarctica are distinguished by their exceptional poverty and originality. Most of the territory of Antarctica lies within the natural zone

1. What impact on the nature of the Atlantic Ocean is its geographical location and size? The meridional extent of the Atlantic Ocean determines the

1. List all branches of the agricultural specialization of the European South. What was the basis for their development? The region occupies a leading position

1. Prove, using the example of the Zambezi River and the lakes of Tanganyika and Chad, that rivers and lakes depend on terrain and climate.