From the history of the study of the Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean people began to learn from time immemorial. Its waters, according to scientists, washed the legendary Atlantis. Within its limits sailors of ancient Greece sailed. Carthage, and later – Scandinavia. After Christopher Columbus in 1492 carried out his famous journey, the Atlantic Ocean began to actively develop. Since then – this is the main waterway of mankind.

The first period of the study of the Atlantic lasted until the middle of the 18th century. Its purpose was to study the distribution of ocean waters and the delineation of the ocean.

Subsequently, deep-sea studies were conducted and the properties of water masses were studied. During the expedition of Ivan Kruzenshtern and Yury Lisyansky, a bathometer was first used – a special device for taking water samples from various depths. Complex studies of the nature of the Atlantic began in the late XIX century.

In our time, more than 40 scientific ships from different countries are studying the nature of the ocean. Oceanologists carefully study the interaction of the ocean and the atmosphere, observe the Gulf Stream and other currents, behind the movement of icebergs.

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From the history of the study of the Atlantic Ocean