1. What are the specific patterns of location on the Earth: a) temperatures; b) precipitation; c) plants and animals. The patterns of location on Earth

Glaciers. In the north of Eurasia and high in the mountains is widespread modern glaciation. Cover glaciers are found on the islands of Iceland. New

The nature protection objects include: nature reserves, national nature parks, sanctuaries, nature monuments, etc. Their total area in the world is more than 4.5 million

Since South America is the wettest continent of the world, the river network here is very dense. On the mainland, the longest and deepest rivers

To the south, towards the line of the Arctic Circle, in the conditions of the subarctic climate, the zone of the tundra – swamped treeless

Due to the complexity of the structure of the earth’s crust and the long history of its development, the surface of Eurasia is more diverse

1. Using the text of the textbook, on the example of the Kaliningrad region, prove that the geographic location of any territory changes over time.

1. Using the map “Peoples of Russia”, determine in which territories of the Federation subjects live and to which language families and groups the indigenous