The northern coast of the mainland occupies the zone of the tundra. In the west, its southern boundary runs along the Arctic Circle, and in

In the first half of the XX century. The studies of Antarctica were episodic and were limited to individual expeditions. But from the second half

1. Natural complexes are very diverse. Which of them are called natural zones? The natural complex of land, as well as the complex of the

In 1992, humanity celebrated the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America. Was Christopher Columbus first? Numerous pre-Columbian discoveries of America left a big mark

To the south of the savannah in the lower reaches of the Paran and Uruguay rivers stretches the subtropical steppe, which in South America is

1. What is the origin of the peoples of North America? The origin of the peoples of North America, as well as of the peoples

The uniqueness of the nature of Australia is associated with the peculiarities of its physical and geographical situation. Australia, unlike Africa, is completely located in