The population of the Far East

By maps, analyze the density of the population in different regions of the Far East. What natural and socio-economic conditions contributed to such placement of the population?

In most of the Far East, the population density is less than 1 person / km2. As completely uninhabited territory is shown about. New Siberia and Fr. Small Lyakhovsky in the archipelago of the Novosibirsk Islands. Against this background, isolated areas with a population density of 1 to 10 people / km2 are allocated. These plots are located mainly along the river valleys and near the ports on the coast, as well as in the places of development of mineral deposits. The South of the Far East is most densely populated. At the Prihanka lowland and in the vicinity of Vladivostok, the population density reaches 25-50 people / km2.

In the first years of mass development of the Far East, the population of the population was significantly higher than the number of men. Why do you think?

The development

of the territory required first of all the arrival of representatives of purely masculine specialties: builders, drivers. In all the years, because of the important defense importance in the region, there were many military men. At first, when life was not comfortable, people did not bring families here. After the construction of settlements, the development of the territory to the Far East, families went, and the balance of women and men was achieved. The predominance of young ages persisted for many years.

The inflow of population from other parts of the country and the industrial development of the Far East brought about changes in the life of indigenous peoples. Express your opinion on the pros and cons of these changes.

On the one hand, industrial development introduced the so-called “blessings of civilization” into the life of indigenous peoples, arranged their way of life, they became less dependent on nature, many things became possible to buy in the store. Children were given the opportunity to go to school. On the other hand, the habitual way of life was violated, identity was partially lost.

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The population of the Far East