Common questions to the country Canada

1. On a comprehensive map, find the minerals of Canada. Explain their placement. How does their population use them?

This task is better done on the contour map. Label the icons of the same color with combustible minerals, in another color – ore minerals and the third color – non-metallic minerals. Ore minerals are mined mainly in the mountainous West, while the energy minerals are extracted in the East. This is due to the structure of the continental crust. Canada is an industrialized country. Mining is processed by the local manufacturing industry. A lot of raw materials are exported abroad to other countries. According to the share of mineral raw materials in exports, Canada is similar to Australia and Russia. These countries have large territories and are rich in various minerals that they export.

2. Canada is one of the most multinational countries. How can I explain this?

Canada is a multiethnic country due to immigrants from different countries

of the world. At first they were Europeans, and now you can meet natives of China, Japan and other countries of the East. The vast territory of Canada – almost 10 million km2 – created favorable conditions for emigrants from other countries of the world. With an average population density of 3 people per 1 km2, almost the entire population lives along the border with the United States.

3. What national parks of Canada are indicated on the integrated map?

The forests of Canada, its fauna are well protected by the state. The laws of the country are aimed at protecting and multiplying natural resources. Numerous reserves and national parks are being created. The largest national park is Wood Buffalo.

In the east of Canada, in the Great Lakes regions, there are the cities of Toronto and Montreal, in the west – the beautiful city of Vancouver. Everywhere you can see the harmonious attitude of man to nature. The city of Toronto is located on the shore of Lake Ontario. Skyscrapers are reflected in the waters of the lake, and residents rest on its shores and islands. Vancouver is an example of a city that blends harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.

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Common questions to the country Canada