Permafrost… Is not it, sounds somewhat ominous? Imagination draws a kingdom of non-melting ice, an unassailable abode of the Snow Queen. Meanwhile, in Russia, as

I think that love is one of the most beautiful feelings a person can experience. So what is this feeling, which is not the first

In our family there is one tradition: every spring my friends and I go to the forest. When all the snow melted, and the weather

My favorite season is autumn. I do not know why, but I really like rainy weather, leaf fall, a sad cry of flying birds, the

My favorite season is autumn. I was born in November, maybe, therefore, after the end of the warm days of summer, I’m so pleased to

Asked by the question “What does it mean to be a modern person?”, I decided to do a little research. My goal was to reveal

Reading the story of Nikolai Leskov “The Old Genius”, I thought: nothing has changed in Russia in two hundred years. How the rich offended the

People and animals are closely related. Animals are our friends. But mankind sometimes destroys them both for fun, and sometimes for additional material incomes. Because

Since ancient times, between people and books, there is a connection that has lasted for more than 2000 years. The books were written on plaques,

The first steps in space exploration were made in the early 30-ies of the century in the works of the founder of astronautics of the

Last year I had a misfortune. I walked along the street, slipped and fell. I fell down unsuccessfully, worse and nowhere: I broke my nose,