By the way, Russia has always been treated with reverence, starting with solemn tsarist decrees and ending with modern sayings and chastushki. If we look

Each society educates its citizens on certain moral norms. Our parents tried to meet the moral principles of the builder of communism. The state defends

The callousness of the soul is the most terrible disease in the world. A. P. Chekhov said: “Hurry to do good.” If we first simply

In our time, each profession is important and necessary in its own way. There are many professions in the world. They are different, many-sided. Sometimes

Historical and literary process is a set of generally significant changes in literature. Literature is continuously developing. Each epoch enriches art with some new artistic

During the Middle Ages, the development of the traditions of folk epic literature continues. This is one of the significant stages of its history, when

I want to create such a beautiful garden so that people coming to rest here could forget about all the troubles and admire them. Such

Once the actors of the famous Moscow theater who lived in the same yard as the Ukrainian playwright Ivan Tobilevich saw how the writer was

Spring does not come alone, it brings with it the fact that the whole winter slept a sound sleep. No, I’m not talking about bears!

Snowflakes are flying, snowflakes are flying. The forest paths covered with snow. From the cold daws hid in the pipes. And the hares were wearing

Story-essay on a free topic on dialogue They met, as usual, on the sports ground. Kostya was just leaving the house, and Sasha was already

Let’s talk about the beautiful form of art – about music. Music, one way or another, plays a role in human life. Someone connected his

Any literary work belongs to one of three literary genres: an epic, a lyric or a drama. The epic in ancient Greece was called narrative,