Music and Film

Music and cinema exist inseparable from when they came up with sound films. But even at a time when phrases pronounced by the characters were written between frames, there was a man in the hall who played the piano. Sound technology in the cinema has been developing for the second century already.

Music in the cinema is designed to create an atmosphere. Each genre has its own style. Many youth groups became popular due to their compositions, written as a soundtrack to popular films. Many horror movies and thrillers even more “stretch” our nerves tense, sometimes cutting ears with music. The drum roll often predicts the appearance of a cast or a maniac from behind a wall. Steep rock music at the end of the action movie seems to hint that the enemies are defeated, and the main character is a hero. But the soft-slow motifs of melodramas cause the tear glands to work even more intensively.

In many Asian films, music becomes mainstream. Uzbek films that can be viewed online here http: uzbek-films. net and Bollywood paintings often build their story with a lot of songs and dances.

Often the music becomes the main advantage of the picture. And the actors are not very, and the script is so-so, and it feels like the director just finished college, and the film likes it. Often and previously unknown collectives and singers became famous, after working in a famous painting.

Every world-famous director has his own preferences in music. Hearing only the title song, you can guess whose hands this creation is. Take only such directors as Tarantino and Kusturica. The soundtracks for their films are very unique.

Many filmmakers to create a situation use dissonance images and sound. For example, Stanley Kubrick in his painting “Clockwork Orange” used the music of Mozart. Classics even more sharply could show all the cruelty, which is described in the film.

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Music and Film