Mankind faces a difficult choice between the further devastation of natural resources and the search for alternative solutions for the revival of our long-suffering planet.

In the summer, together with my sister, I often walked in our park. These were very interesting walks. The park is very close to our

I have a cat. Her name is Suzanne. She is already an adult cat, she is about two years old. She has a dark gray

In the children’s society the child comes out with a certain set of ideas, interests, needs and requests, with an individual orientation of consciousness, with

Love is a wonderful feeling that everyone must experience in life. Love gives a person happiness, freedom, harmony. The problem of love and relationships is

“The whole day is as if crystal, and radiant nights…” – so about the autumn Feodor Tyutchev wrote. And not spsta, because autumn is one

In the pages of prose works we find a kind of chronicle of the war that faithfully transmitted all the stages of the great battle