Composition “White Goose”

Composition “White Goose”

The story of Yevgeny Nosov greatly upset me. I do not want to believe that the goose died, because a moment ago he was alive. Pleased everyone with his heroic look and fearlessness.

He was the best goose in the whole district, and the rest of the geese obediently obeyed him. How can he not obey, when he is so brave and fearless. With his noble air he aroused respect and reverence: “Everything he had was admiral: both the tone and the tone that he spoke to the other village geese.” He went about importantly, pondering every step. ” The dirtiest puddle he passed so that his snow-white feathers remained clean. By right, he was considered the master of the whole district, and all the best meadows belonged to him and his pack.

He was tremendously guarding his territory, and any stranger was very uncomfortable in his possessions.

It so happened that the goose had to bring up the goslings themselves (their mother died under the wheels of the car).

His father was caring, but restless. Protecting the goslings, he continually chased someone through the meadow. But his goslings were in complete safety: “closer than a hundred paces,” the goose did not let anyone in to their babies.

But one day, when the geese were in the meadow, it began to rain heavily. Geese, spreading their wings, lay on the grass, under them were hiding goslings. The rain intensified, and soon a hail joined him. Geese could not stand the hail blows and ran to hide in the bushes of the lazy. Unfortunately, after this many small goslings died under the hail blows. Only the White Goose sat motionless, occasionally wincing and moving its wings.

Soon the rain was over, the sun came out, and the White Goose was lying on the meadow, looking up at the sky, blood was flowing down his beak with a trickle.

Gusiat, getting out from under the powerful wings of his father, gaily swarmed in the green grass. So at the cost of his life, the White Goose saved the life of the goose.

I’m very sorry that such a beautiful proud bird has died.

In ancient times in England geese were considered sacred – they were not killed or eaten. I think the English were right.

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Composition “White Goose”