Biography of Daria Sagalova

Daria Dmitrievna Sagalova is an actress, a model known for the series “Happy Together”.

Daria was born on December 14, 1984 in Podolsk. Contrary to the image of a stupid blonde in the series in the biography of Daria Sagalova, the gymnasium was finished with a silver medal. In addition to studying, the girl was engaged in dancing. During the school, Daria debuted at the theater. During one of the dancing performances of his show “Fantasy” Daria noticed Oleg Butakhin – director of the theater actor. Having played several roles in the performances, already in the 11th grade, Sagalova firmly took the place...

of the actress of the Moscow theater.

The first episodic role in the film in the biography of Daria Sagalova was played in 2004. Since then, Daria has appeared in several films – “The Loneliness of Love,” “The Right to Love,” “The She-wolf,” “On the River Maid,” “Club,” “Night Sisters.” Since 2006, Daria has been shot in the television series “Happy Together”, which made her famous not only in the whole country, but also in the near abroad.

Daria Sagalova in higher education receives a biography at the State University of Culture and Arts in Moscow. He also plays in the state theater actor.

Biography of Daria Sagalova