Biography of Christopher Columbus

Biography of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is a Spanish navigator who discovered America and the nearby islands. The first of the travelers who crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

Youth. First voyages

Christopher Columbus was born between August 26 and October 31, 1451 on the island of Corsica in the Genoa Republic. Education the future discoverer received at the University of Pavia.

A brief biography of Columbus did not retain the exact evidence of his first voyages, but it is known that in the 1470s he performed sea expeditions with trade purposes. Even then Columbus had the idea of ​​traveling to India through the west. The navigator has many times appealed to the rulers of European countries to help him organize an expedition – to King Joao II, Duke of Medina Seli, King Henry VII

and others. Only in 1492 the journey of Columbus was approved by the Spanish rulers, above all, Queen Isabella. He was given the title of “don”, promises of remuneration in case of a successful project.

Four expeditions. Discovery of America

In 1492 the first voyage of Columbus was made. During the voyage, the seamen discovered the Bahamas, Haiti, and Cuba, although he himself considered these lands “Western India.”

During the second expedition of Columbus’ aides, there were such famous personalities as the future conqueror of Cuba Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, notary Rodrigo de Bastidas, the pioneer Juan de la Cosa. Then discoveries of the seafarer included the Virgin Islands, the Lesser Antilles, Jamaica, Puerto Rico.

The third expedition of Christopher Columbus was made in 1498. The main discovery of the explorer was the island of Trinidad. However, at the same time Vasco da Gama found a real way to India, so Columbus was declared a liar and sent under escort from Hispaniola to Spain. Nevertheless, upon his arrival, local financiers managed to persuade King Ferdinand II to remove the charges.

Columbus did not abandon the hope to open a new shortcut to South Asia. In 1502, the seafarer was able to obtain permission from the king for the fourth journey. Columbus reached

the coast of Central America, proving that the continent lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the South Sea.

Last years

During his last voyage Columbus fell seriously ill. On his return to Spain, he was unable to restore the privileges and rights granted to him. Christopher Columbus died on May 20, 1506 in Seville in Spain. The navigator was first buried in Seville, but in 1540, by order of Emperor Charles V, the remains of Columbus were transported to the island of Hispaniola, and in 1899 again to Seville.

Interesting Facts
    Historians still do not know the true biography of Christopher Columbus – there are so few materials about his fate and expeditions that the biographers of the seafarer make many invented statements in his biography. Returning to Spain after the second expedition, Columbus proposed to settle on newly opened lands of criminals. The immortal words of Columbus were: “In manus tuas, Domine, commendo spiritum meum”. The significance of the discoveries of the seafarer was recognized only in the middle of the 16th century.

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Biography of Christopher Columbus