Biography of Victor Yushchenko

Viktor Andreevich Yushchenko is the President of Ukraine.

He was born in a small village of Horuzhevka in the Sumy region to a family of teachers. Higher education in the biography of Viktor Yushchenko was received at the Financial and Economic Institute of Ternopil. After serving in the army he began to work as an economist in the branch of the State Bank, and in 1977 joined the CPSU.

In 1987, the biography of Viktor Yushchenko was occupied with the post of head of the planning and economic management of Agroprombank. In two years he took the post of the head of the board in Agroprombank. In 1922, against the chief executives of this bank, a criminal case was opened on charges of gross violations.

In 1993, on the initiative of V. Getman, Yushchenko took the post of head of the NBU. During his tenure in office, a monetary reform took place to introduce the hryvnia, with the help of currency interventions, the hryvnia exchange rate was maintained high.

In 1999, Viktor Andreevich left the post of head of the NBU, becoming the Prime Minister of Ukraine. In April 2001, he was dismissed. In 2004, after a second vote and the Orange Revolution, he won the presidential election. The post took in January 2005. Foreign policy in the biography of Yushchenko is focused on the EU, the US. During his reign, the parliament repeatedly faced crisis situations. Relations with Russia have worsened.

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Biography of Victor Yushchenko