Biography of Caravaggio

Biography of Caravaggio

Michelangelo Merisi and Caravaggio – an Italian artist. The name Caravaggio went from the birthplace of the artist.

For some time in his biography Caravaggio was studying in Milan. Then in 1592 Michelangelo arrived in Rome, eventually Cardinal Francisco de Monte became his patron. For him, Caravaggio created several canvases, among them “Concert of Youths”.

Some of the artist’s genre works, such as “Fortune Teller” were created during his stay in Rome. However, after performing “Calling of St. Matthew”, “Martyrdom of St. Matthew” Caravaggio devoted himself only to works with religious themes, as well as portraits.

A harsh character, a changeable disposition of the spirit, led him into several noisy quarrels. And in 1606 in the biography of Michelangelo Merisi and Caravaggio there was a transfer from Rome after the murder of a young man in a duel. The next five years he spent in Naples, Malta, Syracuse, Messina.

Revolutionary in the art of the artist was accused of copying nature. In religious subjects, his use of the lower walks of life was considered disrespectful. Strong black and white technique Caravaggio partly lighted figures on a dark background was adopted by his contemporaries. Despite the fact that the artist did not have students, his contribution to the development of art is enormous.

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Biography of Caravaggio