Biography of Boris Khmelnitsky

Boris Alekseevich Khmelnitsky is an actor, People’s Artist of Russia.

Boris was born on June 27, 1940 in Ussuriysk. In the biography of Boris Khmelnitsky, the desire for creativity manifested itself in childhood. That is why the first education for him was musical – Boris began to study at a music school. Then I decided to try myself as an actor. But in VGIK immediately did not succeed. Nevertheless, Khmelnitsky was able to enter the Shchukin Theater School. Despite the fact that Boris stuttered, he graduated from college in 1966.

While still a student, he took part in productions of the Taganka Theater. And the first role in the movie in the biography of actor Boris Khmelnitsky was obtained immediately after graduation –...

in 1966. The theater in Taganka, Boris Khmelnitsky in his biography devoted many years, excellently played the most diverse roles. So Khmelnytsky played Vershinin in the production of “Three Sisters”, in the play “Listen” played Mayakovsky, and in the production of “Master and Margarita” played the role of Woland. Among other famous theatrical roles – Razumihin in “Crime and Punishment”, Galileo Galilei in “The Life of Galileo.” Also Khmelnitsky was a master of sports in billiards.

Khmelnitsky performed many roles in the cinema. For example, he starred in the films “Ballad of Valiant Knight Ivanhoe”, “In Search of Captain Grant”, “Black Arrow”, “Without Hope I Trust”, “Revenge of the Prophet”, “Special Prison”, “Taras Bulba”. Bogdan Khmelnitsky died on February 16, 2008 in Moscow.

Biography of Boris Khmelnitsky