Biography of Anfisa Chekhova

Anfisa Chekhova – TV presenter, famous for her show “Sex with Anfisa Chekhova.”

Anfisa was born on December 21, 1977 in Moscow. Already in her childhood in the biography of Anfisa Chekhova manifested the desire to be an actress. That is why after graduation Anfisa began to study at the Russian Academy of Theater Arts. But studying there was not long – the girl was expelled for participating in a music contest. In addition to acting and theatrical activities Anfisa enjoyed making music, so after she was expelled from the academy, she became a member of the group “Mad Fireflies”. But even there after a short...

time, she accepted an invitation to conduct a program on the MUZ-TV channel.

Then in the biography of Anfisa Chekhova took place a transition to another channel. . And after that, she began to broadcast on the channel STS – “Show Business”. But the greatest fame Anfisa received thanks to the program “Sex with Anfisa Chekhova”, coming out on TNT since 2005. Having tried several images, I decided to be on my screen by myself.

Also Anfisa Chekhova in the biography starred in several small roles in the cinema. For example, in the films “Kaleidoscope”, “Horror stories of Soviet childhood”, in the series “Happy Together”, “My Favorite Witch”.

Biography of Anfisa Chekhova