Biography of Alexander Calder

Biography of Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder – American sculptor, was born in Philadelphia. He was the son of the famous sculptor Alexander Stirling Calder.

One of the most advanced modern sculptors, in his biography Alexander Calder first studied the design of mechanical devices. In 1930, he visited Paris, where he was greatly influenced by the work of Mondrian and Miró.

In 1932, Calder organized his first exhibition of brightly colored sculptures, the so-called “mobili”. The works were painted cut out shapes, connected by wire, showing the movement of wind currents. In the Museum of Modern Art, New York, there are several examples.

Such inventions, witty portraits, colorful miniatures of the zoo, as well as its still sculptures are known as the Stable. All these amazing, versatile works in the biography of Alexander Calder brought the sculptor world fame.

Many of his later works of enormous size, heavy, finely balanced, were made for public buildings around the world. Calder is also known for his book illustrations, the design of the theatrical dais. He had several studios in Roxbury, Connecticut, and in Paris.

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Biography of Alexander Calder