Biography of Albina Akhatova

Biography of Albina Akhatova

Akhatova Albina – Russian biathlete, Honored Master of Sports.

Albina was born on November 13, 1976 in the city of Nikolsk, Vologda region. The fascination with skiing in the biography of Albina Akhatova manifested itself in her childhood. To teach the skill of the ski ride took her father – Honored coach. However, the athlete became engaged in biathlon only in 1993. At the same time, LA Guriev became ALBINA’s coach.

The first great awards in the biography of Akhatova were won in 1994. Then the biathlete received two gold medals, one silver medal in the Arctic Games. Since then, in her athletic career, many medals and awards have been collected.

In the Olympic Games Akhatova won gold, three bronze, silver. Great victories biathlete reached the World Cup. There, Akhatova won four gold medals, four silver medals, two bronze medals.

In addition to sports awards, he has a medal “For Services to the Fatherland”. In 1997, in the biography of Albina Akhatova was awarded the title of master of sports of international class, a year later – honored master of sports.

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Biography of Albina Akhatova