Biography of Johnny Knoxville

Biography of Johnny Knoxville

Actor and stuntman Johnny Knoxville is best known for performing dangerous tricks in the American television show “The Eccentrics.”

Early years

At birth, Johnny Knoxville wore the name Philip John Clap. Born March 11, 1971 in the city of Knoxville, Tennessee. His father, Philip Clapp, was the owner of a local tire warehouse and in his childhood was engaged in rallies. The future actor and stuntman finished the school perfectly, but did not want to go to college. After graduation, Knoxville moved to Southern California, where he received a grant to study at the American Academy of Performing Arts, but after studying for just two weeks, he dropped out to the academy.

In 1995, in Los Angeles, Knoxville married Melanie Lynn Cates. The couple had a daughter,

Madison. Knoxville said that the birth of his daughter inspired him to further develop his career. His early roles were short and mostly not noticeable: he starred in advertising various fast food and drinks, and also wrote an unfinished novel. “I just wanted to be someone, although I now understand that I did not have a plan on how to become someone like that,” Knoxville said.

At the same time, Knoxville had an idea to write an article-review about self-defense testing. He sent the concept to many publications, until he received approval from the magazine for skateboarders “Big Brother” on the condition that he would remove the video of his experiments. In the final version of this video, Knoxville was peppered with pepper spray, beaten with an electric baton and fired from a taser. And for the final release of his experiments, Knoxville put on a bulletproof vest and fired himself at point-blank range from the Smith-Wesson pistol of 38 caliber. His dashing tricks still fell on the table to the management of the channel “MTV” and Knoxville, with the support of director Spike Johns, still allocated money for the shooting of the pilot series of the series.

Professional success

Knoxville starred in the TV series “Eccentrics” on “MTV” for two years, refusing

to offer his tricks on the air of the program “Saturday Night Live.” The show was famous for dangerous stunts and jokes. Later, Knoxville appeared in the full-length version of the series, and also played in the Hollywood movies “People in Black 2” in 2002, “The Assholes from Hazzard” in 2005 and “Wide Stepping” in 2004.

In February 2001, Knoxville was placed on the cover of the magazine “Rolling Stone”, and in 2013 he starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film “The Return of the Hero.”

Personal life

Knoxville filed for divorce with Melanie in 2007, after 12 years of marriage. In 2010, he married Naomi Nelson; the couple have a son Roko and daughter Arlo.

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Biography of Johnny Knoxville