Biography of Sam Snead

Sam Snead is an American golfer, was born in Ashwood, Virginia. At birth in the biography of Sam Snead was given the name Samuel Jackson Snead. In high school Sam was an outstanding athlete. At first he was engaged in football. But then, after injuring his hand, he got carried away by golf.

Sam attracted the attention of the audience thanks to several victories in professional golf in 1937. In 1942 he won his first big title – the champion of the Association of Professional Golf.

After serving in the Second World War, Snead returned to the sport. In 1946, he won the open British championship in golf. And in 1949 the athlete managed to get two victories: at the PGA championship and Masters competitions. The third PGA title in the biography of Sam Snead was obtained in 1951. “Masters” athlete also won three times, in 1952 – the second, in 1954 – the third time. Together with Arnold Palmer, as well as Jimmy Demaret Snead brought the US team two victories in the championship of Canada.

The athlete was nicknamed “Slamming Sammy” for his beautiful and at the same time powerful tee-shots. In the Golf Association Snid was in the lead in the amount of cash winnings. He won 51 PGA victories – more than any other golfer in the history of this sport.

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Biography of Sam Snead