Biography of Abraham Russo

Avraam Russo is a Russian singer, songwriter.

Abraham Russo was born on July 21, 1969 in Syria. Then, in his biography, Russo lived in France for a while. Since childhood he was fond of singing, and also did not miss the opportunity to participate in various creative competitions. After graduation, I started singing on a professional level.

Traveling around the world, he performed in different countries, and during his travels intensively studied foreign languages. The work turned out to be fertile, – for the time being, Abraham Russo can sing in nine languages ​​of the world. Among them – popular English, French, Russian, incendiary Spanish, as well as Greek, Arabic and...


During one of the performances, the singer’s vocal data was noticed by the owner of the restaurant, and then he invited Abraham to Moscow. So in the biography of Abraham Russo, a new creative period began. After signing a contract with the company “Knox Music” with the assistance of Joseph Prigogine, Rousseau began recording the first album. The debut album of the singer was released in 2001 – “Amor”. Then in the biography of Avraam Russo followed the albums “Tonight”, “Just love”, “Wedding”. In addition to the magnificent voice, the singer is famous for his appearance and charm. Songs of the blue-eyed brunette have already conquered many European countries.

Biography of Abraham Russo