Summary “Moscow River” Prishvin

There is a legend that in one ancient city there was a watch bell, the sound of which reached Moscow. Therefore, the city received its name: Zveni-city.

Near Zvenigorod, on the Moscow River is the village of Dunin. The river there is quite different than in the city. It is narrower, and the two boys, slightly podnatuzhivshis, throw from one shore to another fishing line for catching fish with bait. The bait should not dive deep into the water, but only “bale” over the water. Predator, which is much in the river, grabs bait and gets hooked. One of the boys reels the line on his reel and pulls the caught fish to him. This way of catching is called “on the bald”, and adults also like to so amuse.

In the spring the river is flooded, and all Dunin comes to look at the high water. One floe, passing through the water, bends one protruding gvinka, the other carries a singing wagtail. Two nuthatches sit down on the tree and sing too.

Villagers help Vanya-invalid, who is engaged in transportation, to polish the boat. Then Vanya makes bridges across the river, which prevent them from catching gudgeons.

Vanya, who has traveled from Stalingrad to Berlin, tells the guys about the places he visited. He saw both the Black Sea and the Bohemian forests, but there is nothing more beautiful than Dunin. At this time on the ice floe a pure white gull on pink legs and a black head floats. It is so beautiful that everyone understands: in this wonderful time of Russian spring there is nothing more beautiful than Dunin.

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Summary “Moscow River” Prishvin