Biography of Muslim Magomayev

Muslim Magomatovich Magomaev is an opera, pop singer of the USSR, Azerbaijan, Russia.

He was born in Baku, in a creative family.

The first performances in the biography of Magomayev were still in his youth. True fame was obtained by him at the age of twenty, when he performed at a festival in the Kremlin Palace. In 1963, according to the personal website of Muslim Magomayev, his solo concert was held for the first time. Then he soloists in the theater of opera, ballet Akhundov, gives performances on large cities of the USSR.

Successfully performing in the Paris Theater “Olympia”, receives a proposal to stay in the theater. After the refusal of the USSR Ministry, which does not want to lose such a great soloist, Muslim Magomayev does not dare to emigrate to France himself.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Magomayev’s biography was a boom in popularity. He receives the first prize at the festival in Sopot, the Cannes award “The Golden

Plate”, in 1973 he was awarded the title of People’s Artist of the USSR.

Magomayev’s songs of different genres sound in the baritone, sometimes in the bass baritone, tenor. They number more than 600. In addition, Magomayev starred in several films, television programs, many films, wrote songs, music.. He was married to a classmate, the Armenian Ophelia. Then, after really falling in love, he married the singer Tamara Sinyavskaya. Marina, the daughter of Muslim Magomayev from her first marriage, lives in America. The children of Magomayev and Sinyavskaya were not.

In the last years of his life, Magomayev was ill with cardiovascular diseases. After the operation on the vessels there were no significant improvements. The weakness of the heart, a part of which was no longer supplied with blood, narrowed vessels, atherosclerotic plaques caused Magomayev’s death.

Muslim Magomayev died on October 25, only slightly short of the scheduled coronary bypass surgery. More than 6 thousand of his admirers came to the funeral of Magomayev, after the farewell ceremony his body was delivered to Baku, buried in the Alley of Honor.

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Biography of Muslim Magomayev