Vladimir Vsevolodovich Monomakh – Grand Duke of Kiev, military commander. Vladimir Monomakh was born on May 26, 1053. His father was Vsevolod Yaroslavich. Even in

The future writer was born on January 3, 1891. Although his birthplace was the South African Orange Republic, although his father, bank manager Arthur Ruel

Valentina Pavlovna Rubtsova is an actress of theater and cinema, a singer. Valentina was born on October 3, 1977 in Makeevka, Donetsk region of Ukraine.

Abraham Lincoln is the 16th US president. Abraham was born on February 12, 1809 in a poor family. So, from an early age, Lincoln’s biography

Babe Ruth – one of the best American baseball players, was born in the city of Baltimore. At the age of seven, Babe’s parents gave

Boris Alekseevich Khmelnitsky is an actor, People’s Artist of Russia. Boris was born on June 27, 1940 in Ussuriysk. In the biography of Boris Khmelnitsky,

(11/17/1925) Lobanov Mikhail Petrovich (17.11.1925, the village of Inshakovo, Ryazan region). At five I was left without a father. Mother, already having two children, married

Tatyana Vedeneeva is a Russian actress, TV presenter, journalist. Tatyana was born on July 10, 1953 in Stalingrad. She was fond of theater since childhood,

(3.08.1947 – 7.02.1995) Kushev Evgeny Igorevich (3.08.1947, Odessa – 7.02.1995, Munich). He was born in the family of variety artists, was brought up by his

Avraam Russo is a Russian singer, songwriter. Abraham Russo was born on July 21, 1969 in Syria. Then, in his biography, Russo lived in France

Twain (Twain) Mark [alias; real name Samuel Lenghorn Clemens (30.11.1835, Florida, Missouri, 21.4.1910, Redding, Connecticut), an American writer. He spent his childhood in the town

Dalai Lama XIV, the political leader of Tibet, who fought for the establishment on its territory of a democratic state, independent of China. Early years