The composition of Ivanov’s painting “The Appearance of Christ to the People”

Great contribution to the Russian culture was introduced by Ivanov Alexander Andreevich with his canvas “The Appearance of Christ to the People.” The picture itself found its place in the Moscow Public Rumyantsev Museum. Etudes of this canvas are in a separate room in the Tretyakov Gallery. The author spent almost twenty years creating the painting.

The canvas is very difficult both in composition and in performance. We see a lot of people of different ages, characters, estates. They all gathered around John the Baptist. The prophet shows everyone the approaching figure of Jesus Christ. With surprise, fear and hope, people look at the Jesus who came. The author depicted in great detail the faces of people, their poses and movements, their clothes. Many people are depicted completely naked. Some are visible only from the back. On some, there are whole colored curtains.

There are both children and elders. Very clearly visible in the center of the old man, who is helped to get up for a meeting with Christ. Each of these people hopes for a miracle and salvation. Hope and joy are visible on their faces. Christ is risen and goes to people. This is in itself a miracle. And the second plan of the picture is very beautiful. Green bushes near people. The blue of the exciting sea and the light mist covering the shroud of the mountain. Behind them the orange haze of the rising sun smoothly turning into the blue of the clear sky. Even nature rejoices what is happening.

In times of work, the author changed his worldview. He himself did not believe in the possibility of changing the human soul through religious preaching in art. Under the means of these moods and eye diseases, the artist never finished the canvas. But this had absolutely no effect on his future fate. The canvas became grandiose and is considered an example of classical monumentalism. In it, the author expressed a great philosophical generalization and depth of life.

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The composition of Ivanov’s painting “The Appearance of Christ to the People”