Summary of “Batrakhomyomachia”

In the hot summer afternoon the mouse prince Krokhobor drank water from the swamp and met the frog king of Vzdulomord there. He turned to him, as Homer turned to Odysseus: “Wanderer, who are you from what kind of family?” And came from where? ” Word for word, they met, the frog planted a mouse on its back and was lucky to show the wonders of the amphibian kingdom. Swam peacefully, when suddenly the frog saw ahead of the water snake, was frightened and dived into the water from under the comrade. The miserable mouse drowned, but managed to utter a terrible curse: “Terrible you can not escape the rewards of rat mouse!”

And indeed, the mice, having learned of the death of their prince, were agitated. King Khlebogryz delivered a touching speech: “I am a poor father, three of whom I lost sons: the older one died from a cat, the middle from a mousetrap, and the younger, beloved, dies from a frog!” So we will take up arms, friends, and burst

into a campaign against frogs. all the epic rules, but instead of lat, they have pods, instead of needle copies, instead of helmets halves of a nut. Frogs too: instead of shields – cabbage leaves, instead of spear copies, instead of helmets, snail shells. “We went out to fight, and everyone was full of courage.”

Zeus, as in the Iliad, convokes the gods and invites them to help whoever he wants. But the gods are careful. “I do not like mice or frogs,” says Athena, “mice bite my tissues and inject me into the expense of repairing, and the frogs do not give a croak to sleep.” And on the shore of the swamp the battle is already beginning and already perish (in immaculately Homeric terms) first heroes:

The first Swallowtail Cvacun strikes in the womb –
With a terrible roar he fell, and the armor rattled on the fallen.
To the enemy of revenge, Norolaz strikes with the spear of Mud
Directly into the mighty chest: the
soul flies away from the dead body, and the fallen black death dawned.
To Sonia Bolotny the death caused Dlyudoliz impeccable,

Droth being fixed
, and darkness was forever covered by his eyes.

The mice are overwhelmed. Especially among them is the “famous hero Blyudozap, the famous son of Khleboskreba.” Zeus himself, looking at his exploits, says, “shaking his head with a broken heart”:

Gods! a great wonder I see with my own eyes –
Soon, perhaps, this robber will beat me too!

Zeus throws lightning from heaven – mice and frogs shudder, but do not stop fighting. We have to use another means – crayfish come out against the belligerents. “Crooked crooked, vygnutospinye, skin – like bones,” they begin to mercilessly grab both mice and frogs; those and others run away in horror, and in the meantime the sun sets – “And the one-day war of Zeus’s will ends.”

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Summary of “Batrakhomyomachia”