Writing about my hobbies

Man must be developed in all spheres of life. It is education and a wide range of interests that shape our personality. Among my interests, in addition to the process of teaching in the general education school, there are many other useful activities.

Every day, returning home from school, I go to the store, I buy there a loaf of fresh black bread and one French loaf.

After dinner, I usually set aside half an hour to play a computer game. I really like the strategies, I believe that such games have a good influence on the structuring of thinking. I even feel that when I go through the game to the end, as if becoming wiser, and classmates sometimes play a trick: “Look – the great combinator is coming!”

By humor, I’m good, because I consider it an integral part of the harmonious manifestation of the healthy psyche of a developed person.

I really like music, that’s why I study at the School of Arts. Thus, after dinner, my life, expressed in a poetic language, is composed of musical harmonies. In the School of Arts itself, I play the accordion, it has very beautiful timbres.

I also go to the choir, because I really like to sing, I sing at home, especially on holidays, but when a whole singing class meets at once it sounds many times stronger, richer and more beautiful!

In the evening, I usually do my homework in all subjects: both music and general education. Sometimes I go to the yard to play football, we play sports ground right under the window.

After dinner, I read a book or watch a movie. I like to read a lot about different round-the-world travels, and I mostly watch films about cognitive: about nature and space.

In a person everything should be beautiful. Therefore, you need to learn and be able to do as much as possible the most diverse. Then in life only interesting and good people will surround us!

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Writing about my hobbies