Do I need a school uniform?

The question is whether the school uniform is necessary for children and what are the arguments “for and against” its wearing. parents are asked when their child is sent to school for the first time. The charter of schools can assume the same style of school uniform for all, different models of the school uniform or its complete absence. Each of the options has its pros and cons and we’ll cover them in this article.

Do I need a school uniform?

The school uniform allows children not to be distracted by such important details as the discussion of the appearance of classmates and the level of their material support. Due to the fact that children are often cruel in their judgments, students from poorer families may hear ridicule in their address. This can have an impact not only on their self-esteem, but overall performance. Due to the same for all clothing social differences are erased.

The school uniform disciplines children. The classic cut of clothes,

lack of flashy details and unacceptable cut-out etiquette gives children the opportunity to concentrate on learning.

However, these advantages of introducing the form are relevant only for those schools where the variants of the school form models are discussed in advance and are a mandatory requirement for all students. In schools where the form is mandatory, but the requirements for the school uniform are not specified by authorized teachers or the parent committee – these pluses no longer work.

In this case, the opinion of why a school uniform is needed is justified. Children will still be distracted and discuss a dress or a new fashionable jacket from the school uniform of this or that student.

Pros and cons of school uniforms

The advantages of introducing a school uniform include already noted discipline and the erasure of social traits. Also the form allows pupils, especially the junior classes, to feel their belonging to a new group of students for them.

Among the minuses of wearing a school uniform, one can note its high cost. A complete set with individual elements

of clothing for the shift can cost the parents a round sum. In addition, they will need to purchase clothes for walks and weekends. Another problem of the school uniform is the care for it. Many of the costumes must be periodically given to dry cleaners, and carefully and gently ironed.

For the pupils themselves, the form becomes a problem when the school administration decides to maintain a single style for all students. It is difficult to show one’s individuality through clothing to students.

What should be the school uniform?

The school uniform is a set of clothes of classic cut. Choosing a form for the child, parents should scrupulously treat each model. Since the child will have to spend in her most of the time, the form must meet the following requirements:

The fabric should be natural, a small amount of synthetic fibers is allowed;

All stitches and stitches must be of high quality;

Clothes should not restrict the movements of the child;

If the color scheme is not approved by the school’s charter, preference should be given to dark and non-maritime shades, especially for boys.

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Do I need a school uniform?