The symbolic capacity of the title of the novel

On the manuscript of the completed novel, published under the name “Red and Black,” Stendhal first wrote “Julien Sorel”. And this shows that the writer primarily intended to offer the reader an artistic history of life and death of a young man of low birth who is forced to fight for his existence in the conditions of the musty atmosphere of the Restoration era. But this name narrowed the scope of the narrative, reducing the content of the novel to the history of only a single person, which clearly contradicted the scale, social and psychological all-embracing nature of the work created by the writer. Therefore, the novel came out with the symbolic name “Red and Black”.

The title of the novel was followed by a subtitle – “The Chronicle of the XIX century.” It is known that the subtitle, as a rule, clarifies the title of the work and to some extent reflects the author’s attitude to what is on its pages. This primarily relates

to philosophical and psychological works, which, in fact, is Stendhal’s novel “Red and Black.” Therefore, it is quite possible to assume that the “red” in Stendhal’s novel symbolizes the idealized epoch of the Napoleonic wars, with its hopes for freedom, on the unlimited rights and opportunities for any class in achieving vainglorious aspirations and heroic achievements for the glory of the homeland and personal success.

“Black” is a symbol of the era of Restoration, an era that revived the “surviving monarchy”, class privileges and the worship of the golden calf. The crimson-red reflections of the past, as it were, emphasize in the novel of Stendhal the black shadows of the present. And the personal destiny of the main character of the novel Julien Sorel is formed as if under the sign of the struggle of these two principles – “red” and “black.” Where “red” is faith, hope, love, and “black” is hypocrisy and hypocrisy.

However, the title of the novel is still controversial today, since the

symbols of “red” and “black” for many years received a lot of interpretations. Academician BG Reizov in the article “Why did Stendhal call his novel” Red and Black “?”, Summarizing a number of points of view on this issue from the generally accepted to the little-known, said the following: “In the” red “and” black “you can put any meaning : “red” can be understood as rage, murder, rebellion, a special state of mind, and you can almost understand “black”, you just have to look into the dictionary to discover the unlimited possibilities that the language offers the reader to choose from… Depending on the perception and the interests of the reader are possible different associations, hour nye opposition, which can vary from chapter to chapter,

The beauty of fiction is that a truly great work is inexhaustible in the variety of its reading. Therefore, each new generation of readers of the novel Stendhal “Red and Black” will find in it more and more new meanings, consonant with the actual time of its reading.

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The symbolic capacity of the title of the novel