“Who is a hero” essay

Once in one village, a five-year-old child walked along the roadside with a friend and an older brother. They went to the store, and on the way to it, five-year-old Vanya saw a seven-year-old girl fall through the ice, began to sink and choke. Vanya ran to the polynya and grabbed the girl and barely – barely stretched it, and he went under the ice. This boy is a real hero. He committed a courageous act. (Baev Oleg)

A real hero is he, a man.

He lives among us and saves us all.

He never chooses whom to save, but who does not.

Maybe it’s the fireman or even that’s the doctor.

Maybe he’s a policeman…

Maybe he is among us…

It works just like everyone else,

He comes to the rescue unexpectedly.

That’s such a real hero.

He is such a fearless man. (Voropaeva Julia)

A real hero is a person who does things not for the sake of glory. These are people from whom we must take an example,

to be equal to them. For me, my great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers are the real heroes, because they defended our Motherland from the fascists. They were ready to give their lives for peace.

But in our peacetime, there are heroes. They are firefighters, doctors, policemen and even my peers. My uncle, for example, fought in Chechnya, was wounded. Now, he works in the Ministry of Emergency Situations. I’m sure that would not happen, he always comes to the rescue. For me, he is also a real hero. (Yatselenko Victoria)

The opportunity to see real heroism is not often. And not because the heroes are few. The hero ascends to the top of his high life, yet without having on his chest an attractive badge. At precisely these moments, he is a hero. Ascent this lasts for years, decades, and sometimes remains unnoticed until the very end of life. The hero is next to him, but we do not see him, that’s what happens sometimes. In my opinion, the real hero is a very brave man. You do not have to be strong. Everyone can become a hero. But only the most courageous and courageous will receive the main

award. To do this, one must make the most risky feat. Some heroes even die in order to save people and the Motherland, the Hero is a very famous person. It is difficult to become a real hero. But you can become famous for your whole city or village, without necessarily having accomplished a feat, but simply, if you help a person in trouble. Of course, then you will not be famous for the whole country, but it will be nice, even if you are famous for your city or village. (Kravtsova Lisa)
I think that the hero is a man who is very brave, brave and strong. He helps in trouble. Everyone dreams of becoming a hero. For this, one must perform the most brave act and the real hero will have fame and success. And he will become famous all over Russia. For example, my great-grandfather participated in the war, and saved our country from the German-fascist invaders, after which the people of our Motherland began to live in peace. (Dimitrov Sasha)
A real hero is a very strong, brave and brave man. A hero can spare his life, and sacrifice it to help another person, if he is in trouble. The hero will not pass by, but will always help. (Polyakov Vladimir)
The name of this person knows the whole world. He made the first space flight in the world long before my birth. The first cosmonaut of our planet is Yury Gagarin. He is remembered not only in Russia, but also in the most remote corners of our planet! Many children try to be like him. About our great hero still write books, make films, compose poetry. That’s who such a real hero! (Bormotova Valeria)
The real hero is the person who committed the heroic deed. Everyone can become a hero, even an ordinary person, if he makes efforts and diligence. A hero can become famous all over the country, and maybe no one will know about his feat. The main thing is not to be indifferent to people. And, if someone needs your help, discarding fear, it is necessary to help, how rescuers or firemen save people in a fire. For example, real heroes are people who went to war and they did not think about their lives. They thought: how to win! And, if not for them, we would not be… (Mazhara Vladislav)
Every person can become a real hero depending on life situations. There are such professions as rescuers of the Ministry for Emergency Situations, doctors of police, whose duty it is to help people, to come to the aid in difficult moments of their life. Pilots flying on passenger airliners, in the event of an accident, having successfully landed a plane, also become heroes.

In difficult times for their country, people who go to war for their homeland and freedom, they are well-deserved heroes of their country. A real hero is someone who, despite his fear and anxiety, bravely does good deeds. (Chukanov Stanislav)

A real hero can be a strong, brave and fearless person. Such were the people who fought during the war. These people, not sparing their lives, fought for freedom. Heroes are also people who, without fear for their lives, will save a person or a defenseless animal. (Grave Katya)
Heroes are firemen, military men, policemen, rescuers and doctors. Firefighters extinguish fires, save people from fire and smoke. The military protects the homeland and kills terrorists. Policemen catch criminals and dodgers who drive at high speed. Rescuers save people from under the rubble and accidents. Physicians save people from death. That’s who I consider to be real heroes. (Romantsov Vitaly)
The hero can be called those people who have a dangerous job. For example: firefighters, military, police and cosmonauts. Firefighters save people in case of fire. The military guard our homeland. Policemen catch criminals. And cosmonauts fly into space and risk their lives for the sake of science. Everyone can become a hero if he wants to become a hero and will try to become a hero. Any person who can perform a heroic deed for the people of our country can become a hero. (Nazarova Anya)

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“Who is a hero” essay