Feedback on the story “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”

Boris Lvovich Vasiliev was born on May 21, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-fourth year in Smolensk in the family of a serviceman. He was a man who immediately after school had to experience the searing heat of war. He fought in the airborne troops. After the war, Boris Vasiliev graduated from the Military Academy of Armored Forces, served in the army, was a testing engineer of transport vehicles in the Urals. In the year 1955 the literary debut of BL Vasilyev (play “Officer”) took place. In one thousand nine hundred and sixty-ninth year the story “A dawns here are quiet…” appeared in the press, which brought to the author wide popularity.

I heard a lot about this work and decided to read it. This is a lyrical story about the heroism of Soviet girls at the front during the Great Patriotic War. The action takes place in the forest near Legontov and Vop-Lake in May, one thousand nine hundred and forty-two. On the one hundred and seventy-first commute,

the male gunmen come to replace the male soldiers-cheerful, cheerful and ardent. One day, Margarita Osanyina notices two Germans in the forest, and here begins not only the most interesting, but the most sad.

Comrade Sergeant-Major Fedot Evgrafovich Vaska and five anti-aircraft squadrons are going along the road: Margarita Osyanina, Yevgenia Komelkova, Elizaveta Bricchina, Sofya Gurvich and Galina Chetvertak. After much research and searching, they learn that the Germans are not two, but sixteen. They are also armed to the teeth! I was amazed at how optimistic and gay the girls were, even under the threat of death. No wonder they say that a person reveals his true face in some kind of hike or in an extreme situation. The girls quickly figured out what to do so that the Germans did not achieve their goal, so they did not get to the Kirov road. Pretending to be lumberjacks, the soldiers deceived the Germans. Especially I was very impressed with Eugenia’s boldness. The girl, to find out where the Germans are hiding, arranged a play for them. She knew full well, that can never see the sun, sky, girlfriends

again. Fedot Evgrafovich skillfully played along. When they talked, Eugenia cheerfully smiled, but in her eyes there was a horror: “Zhenya pulled him by the hand, he sat down and suddenly saw that she was smiling, and her eyes wide open with horror full of tears. heavy as mercury. ” This is what courage you need! Not every man is capable of such an act.

There is one more episode, where Zhenya showed herself on the strengths. When the foreman was fighting the German, and he nearly killed him, Eugene came to the rescue without hesitation. She did not lose her feelings of fear, she did not hide behind the stone. She acted like a real fighter!

And how this group fought back when it collided with the Germans, not expecting it at all: “And he had time to spin back, and the girls had to wave to scatter, and grab a grenade from their pockets”, “beat briefly, aimingly, at point-blank range.” Six people, six people kept in fear all German saboteurs! The Russian soldier managed to get rid of the German’s recognition of the horror of Russia: “I understood everything: I’m rescued by myself, the fascist skin.” He spit on the dying man, on orders, on his friends, what went to the lakes: he now only thinks about it, He is afraid of the invisible enemy and he is afraid of nothing but praying: how to quietly lie back, behind logs in a girth in thickness. “

This is a very unusual work – it was not in vain that it entered the golden fund of Russian literature. The plot is simple and cruel, like every military plot. The intonation is truthful and ruthless! Language is simple and simple. The tale is filled with the immense power that is contained in the fact that her heroines go to the deed and die terribly and inevitably. And these are girls of about nineteen, whose life is over, before they start! This all makes one think about the incompatibility of the concepts “woman” and “war”. Particularly painful is because the images are written out vividly, in detail and we have already managed to become connected with Sonya Gurvich, and with Zhenya Komelkova…

This story was and remains the most famous work of BL Vasilyev. It is translated into dozens of languages ​​and awarded the State Prize (one thousand nine hundred and seventy-fifth year). In the year nineteen seventy-two in this book, the director S. Rostotsky shot a feature film, which has been loved by several generations of spectators.

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Feedback on the story “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”