Who are idols and idols

The desire to have an ideal by which one can compare one’s own actions is sometimes so strong that a person begins to feverishly search for the ideal person in the immediate environment. Perhaps you also heard one of the girls, enthusiastically talking about the TV show, concludes: “This artist is my ideal.” It also happens that the ideal traits we find in a friend, in a friend. This attitude is called idealization.

It is worth remembering that, by idealizing someone, we run the risk of experiencing disappointment, if suddenly it turns out that the “ideal” features are not real, but are fictitious, invented. In ethics, the moral ideal is distinguished from the idol.

It is in this sense that the word “idol” is well known, but this is its figurative meaning. Literally, an idol is a statue depicting pagan deities. The idol, unlike the ideal, is ghostly, not worthy of imitation. That’s why the Bible warns: “Do not make yourself

an idol.”

However, the modern world is full of idols. We can often observe the fascination of people, especially young people, with idols, substituting for themselves real moral ideals. Idols are often literary heroes. Idols occupy pride of place on the stages of theaters, concert halls, in sports arenas. Idols for some today are singers, athletes, politicians, journalists. Gradually, they begin to massively become equal, try to imitate them, and it becomes “fashionable”; while copying their style of behavior, the manner of dressing or communicating.

People who imitate their idol and who are fans of some sports team, actor, politician, are often called fans. All their lives fans dedicate themselves to “serving” the idol: they wear clothes like his clothes, visit places where he often happens, wait for hours for his appearance and the opportunity to take an autograph. Such people do not think about their destiny, do not seek to develop their own abilities, arrange their own lives, be happy, do good for others.

When a person dedicates himself to serving the idol, there is another danger to society. It may appear that there are as many moral ideals as there are people with their different tastes. After all, everyone has the right to have their own, individual taste. Under such conditions, ideas about the true moral qualities and traits of an ideal person can be completely lost. And a society without moral guidelines and role models is doomed to perish.

Idol – the object of blind worship.

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Who are idols and idols